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T2M, the International Association for the History of Transport, Traffic and Mobility, emerged from the shared agenda of a number of different groups who increasingly came to the conclusion that a new field of analysis and interpretation was required (for a longer discussion of this process, see Gijs Mom “What kind of transport history did we get?  Half a century of the JTH and the future of the field,” Journal of Transport History 24(2) 2003, pp. 121-138).

Bundesarchiv | Berlin 1914

Berlin 1914 | Archive of the Federal Republic of Germany

The specific initiative to found a new international association came from the Mobility History Group within COST’s Tensions of Europe programme, with the idea being extensively discussed during the last two group workshops in Trondheim and Munich in 2002.  Through further discussion with COST and Arbeitskreis Verkehrsgeschichte (part of the German association of Economic History) plans were drawn up for the launch of the association, which took place in Eindhoven in November, 2003. By this stage some of the most active members in the fields of mobility and transport history were involved.

Since 2003, T2M has organized a yearly conference, resulting in a growing network of researchers presenting high-quality papers.  At the Paris conference in 2006, general members voted to accept the statutes of the organization, resulting in T2M’s official founding.  With new ventures such as Theme Groups and a regular newsletter, T2M continues to be an exciting and innovative association.

T2M is incorporated as a non-profit, interdisciplinary educational organization. Our executive secretary’s office is located at the Technical University of Eindhoven in The Netherlands. The association provides an international forum through the biannual Journal of Transport History (published by Manchester University Press in the UK), through its newsletter and listserv, and through its annual meetings in Europe, North America and elsewhere. It also supports travel to meetings by new researchers; awards for scholarly essays (the John Scholes Prize) and oral presentations (the Barker and Robbins Prize); and collaborative educational efforts with other educational organizations.

T2M’s mission is the establishment of a collegial association of scholars, practitioners and concerned citizens to encourage and promote an understanding of the historical interaction between transport, traffic and the mobility of people, material objects and ideas. The association invites participation by anyone sharing an interest in its activities. Membership of T2M ensures a vital connection with like-minded individuals and institutions around the world.

Benefits include a print subscription to the Journal of Transport History, discounted registration at the annual meetings, a quarterly electronic newsletter, and access to the special member area of the T2M website.

The ECMD (European Centre for Mobility Documentation) is the T2M Secretariat:

Sonja Beekers

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