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BWI Passengers

BWI Passengers

Institutional Membership Campaign: Paul van Heesvelde, Luisa Sousa
Elections: Mike Esbester, Mathieu Flonneau, Paul van Heesvelde, Jamey Wetmore
Internal Regulations: Paul van Heesvelde

Yearbook: Gijs Mom
Travel Grants: Hans-Liudger Dienel, Luisa Sousa, Heike Wolter

Prizes and Awards:
Colin Divall

In addition, a number of non-EC members assist in the various tasks connected with running the Association. It’s helpful for members to see that you don’t have to be on the EC to be actively involved with T2M’s organisation. These non-EC members do vital work, and it is important to recognise them: thank you!

Barker and Robbins Prize Committee: Vincent Guigueno
Cornelius Lely Prize Committee: Clay McShane