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Job and Funding Opportunities

Bibliographer Wanted!

At T2M we’re always trying to find new tools to help transport and mobility historians. Back in 2007, Clay McShane came up with an excellent idea: an annual bibliography of publications dealing with transport and mobility history over the past year.

In the February 2007 Newsletter, he was able to complete the first of these – listing books and articles relating to waterways. Unfortunately since then, the pressure of work has meant that Clay hasn’t been able to continue this valuable aid. We think it is too good an idea to lose, so we’re looking for someone – or some people – to take over; it is a big job, but really useful. Basically it means keeping your eyes open for any and all publications you can find – and that T2M members tell you about – over the course of a year, and then putting them into logical categories (modal has been used in the past).

The bibliography would then be updated on a rolling basis throughout the year, and featured on the website and in the Newsletter – over the years it will build up to form a really valuable reference tool that will make our lives easier.

If you are interested, please contact Mike Esbester: m.o.esbester@reading.ac.uk