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Theme Groups

The aim of the Theme Groups Committee is to stimulate and link together scientists and social scientists who do research on specific aspects of the history of traffic, transport or mobility. An interdisciplinary approach shall be promoted in particular. The Theme Groups Committee will coordinate the work of different theme groups and will provide a platform for successful work. The individual Theme Groups are open to anybody interested in participating. Younger researchers are especially welcome. The Theme Groups expect a continuous attendance from their members for a period defined in advance. Members of the Theme Groups are not obliged to be a member of T2M, but the participation in such a project should encourage them to become a member of T2M.Each Theme Group has a chair (normally the initiator). S/he does not need to be a member of the Executive Committee. His/Her engagement results from his/her research competence and from his/her interest in the topic of the Theme Group. The Theme Groups are supported by T2M as follows:

- There is a section on the website of T2M reserved for the Theme Groups for the presentation and exchange of information. – The Theme Groups may publish information in the T2M-newsletter, reporting the latest results of their work.

- The Theme Groups may offer a panel on their topics at the Annual Conference subject to the approval of and acceptance by the Conference Committee. Thereby they should – as far as possible – adapt to the theme of the conference.

- The Theme Groups may propose a round-table-discussion for the Annual Conference, subject to the approval of and acceptance by the Conference Committee.The Theme Groups will hold a meeting during the Annual Conference to discuss their progress and next year’s duties and responsibilities.